Feedback CPD

At our last full staff meeting we sat down together as a body of teachers to have a look at written feedback across the school. Aware that lots of schools have adopted a singular whole-school system for feedback, such as that from the George Spencer Academy blogged about  by @TeacherToolkit  here: Yellow box example, we were keen to reflect on the comments from our recent Pupil Premium adviser. He had commented that it was good to see that the quality of feedback and students responses to it was of a high standard, even though different departments across the school seemed to be managing their own preferred systems. I firmly believe that this will continue to work, as long as we all share the belief that by getting students to act on feedback we are all trying to ‘close the gap‘ between what they have produced and their potential achievement.

Every team submitted exemplars of their feedback and/or preferred systems and discussion of these was encouraged by three points – available on the presentation here: Feedback CPD

Teams were then asked to complete an impact sheet – all of which are available here: CPD sheets , with my initial thoughts annotated.

So, where next? I need to put together a document showing all of the different systems in place across the school – coming soon to this blog! I also need to finishing editing the student voice video, which I plan to show in assemblies in the next couple of weeks. As well as reminding students that acting on feedback is a key part of how we assess their progress. We also need to think about how as tutors, we can more effectively support students to act on their feedback.

Finally, mindful of workload I think we can still consider how far live marking can ease the burden and I would be really interested to hear thoughts on this – is it achievable? With some classes? All classes?

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